Our mission has always been very clear and precise since the beginning in 1924: to produce the best possible quality on shirting fabrics, throughout all the many steps of the long working processes.

This principle that has always guided us in every step, from the creation and development of every design, down to the weaving and finishing, has allowed us to become one of the most important companies in the shirting fabrics world.

The sheen and structure of the long fibre double twisted yarns made with the best of Egyptian cotton, gives to our fabrics that special matchless luxury.

The simple pursuit of excellence and a constant research have made S.I.C.TESS a landmark in luxury shirting.

The freshness and wealth off all the new collections, the soft and sumptuous touch of all the fabrics, the high number picks and ends, the correct speed of the looms: these are the elements that put S.I.C.TESS on top.