S.I.C.TESS’s products are the result of almost a century of history, and loyal to our since tradition, we offer on every new collection a wide variety of high quality fabrics.

The assortment of Poplins goes from 120/2 and 140/2 until 170/2 and 200/2 up to Platinum 240, a fabric that has the aspect and touch of silk, although keeping the fresh cotton properties. Platinum 240 is woven with a 240/2 warp and weft, with the best Egyptian Giza 45 cotton yarn. Twills, Oxfords, Voiles, Panamas, Zephirs and Jacquards crown the offer of an outstanding range.

S.I.C.TESS has always been a specialist on open wave fabrics, that has been Italy’s summer choice in shirting since the beginning of the last century. Cellostar with its fine Honeycomb structure, and Cellulare 15, similar but with a wider construction, are the classic shirts of the Neapolitan elegance.

Winter requires softer and warmer fabrics, and the flannels made of 120/2 Twills smoothly brushed, Cashpima a mixture of cotton and cashmere, and the New Cashmere a unique 100% cashmere shirting weight, are definitely the best choice for the discerning sportsman.

S.I.C.TESS adds to this vast range of classics fabrics on each collection, a series of new structures, combining different weaves. Satin stripes with Poplins and twills, oxfords with Ottomans, open and plain weaves, are mixed to create a whole world of modern shirting fabrics.