The secret of research is never loosing contact with the shifts in market tastes, its needs, and the natural evolution of the fashion.

In order to do this, it is necessary to keep passion and curiosity alive, not only for everything concerning our trade, but also for all the many aspects that have such a big influence on it, like art, design, decoration and all the exceptional creative energy of our times.

Travel, press, information, shop windows around the world, the spontaneous evolution of street fashion, fabric archives, supply a fascinating book to consult. And it’s from the pages of this endless book, that our style office elaborates, a year in advance, what will be the next year’s trend in patterns and colours.

Behind the apparent calm of high quality, there is always constant research animated by the will of finding new and exciting solutions.

S.I.C.TESS creates today fabrics that will influence the renewal  of luxury shirting for the year to come, offering its most demanding customers the perfect elegant balance between classic and modern.